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Deer processing, Wild game sausage making, and Retail Store 

  • All Sausage is Pit Smoked

  • All Sausage has NO MSG

Open Hours
Mon thru Fri

9:00am to 5:00pm
Sat Morning 

8:00am to Noon

Closed on Sunday


We Keep the hide

Includes: Skinning, cutting, wrapping, grinding and freezing..............$120.00

Hide Returned:


wrapping,grinding and freezing............$125.00

Caped Deer:


wrapping,grinding and freezing..............$150.00

Skinned Deer or Already Caped Deer:.....$130.00

(extra charges added on if deer is dirty)

Quartered Deer:

each quarter is......$30.00

(extra charges added on if deer is dirty)


Entire Deer Boned Out for Sausage--we keep hide

Includes: Skinning and boning...deer completely boned out for sausage with no cuts and sausage made by

Marty's & Son.............$90.00

Note:Sausage processing is extra-

(see sausage pricing)

Venison Processing Prices


Deer Hunters

The outside

refrigerated cooler is available to drop deer carcass off during the


Please follow the instructions inside cooler for tagging your deer carcass.

Happy Hunting!

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We specialize in Venison Processing and  Sausage Making.
Family owned and operated...3rd Generation

We take care in our professional custom deer processing to thoroughly clean all carcasses before boning and shrink wrapping your deer cuts.
You are guaranteed your own fresh venison cuts back. Each deer is tagged with a number, which stays with the meat from the time you drop off your deer until you  pick it up.
Processing times vary depending on the demand at the time you drop deer off.

Want to learn more about our services? Contact us today.


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